Meaning of furball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəːbɔːl/

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  • 1

    another term for hairball

  • 2 informal A furry pet animal.

    • ‘I opened the door and a little grey furball walked in’
    • ‘Steve was way back in the shelter, crouching beside a cage, petting the furball inside.’
    • ‘Any time the action switches away from the annoying little furball, the plot starts to drag.’
    • ‘She has seen me through 3 major relationships and is still a cool little blue-eyed furball!’
    • ‘In that time, Spike, the lovely and affectionate furball, has been wonderful.’
    • ‘When I opened the storeroom door this morning, there was a tiny grey furball with two very scared eyes staring up at me.’
    • ‘While I was making dinner, I had a furball following me around, talking to me.’
    • ‘The furball hisssed at him when he sat down next to Caroline.’
    • ‘I'm guessing that if your big fatty furball wanted to get away from the pup, she'd get herself over that gate.’
    • ‘He took two rapid steps backwards, stumbled over Caroline's growling furball, and fell to the ground.’
    • ‘No, the furball still looked like a weird sheep, and all fangs were bared and way too close to his face.’
    • ‘Or, if you're really the excited kind, then enter your own li'l furball into the fray.’
    • ‘Here's the situation: we have two cats - one of whom is a big fatty furball weighing 24 pounds.’
    • ‘Sulley, a big, blue furball, might look harmless, but he's having the best month of his career.’
    • ‘There was also a little black furball.’