Meaning of furcate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəːkeɪt/ /fəːˈkeɪt/


[no object]technical
  • Divide into two or more branches; fork.

    ‘lines of descent furcating from a common source’
    • ‘All the rays are trifurcated at their tips and repeatedly furcated into three branches, but some of the last branches are the result of bifurcation.’
    • ‘Processes generally hollow, tubiform to tapering, sometimes with striae and annular thickenings along their length; they are distally open or closed and furcated.’
    • ‘The ends of each clip are furcated so that a space is provided between the forks at each end for receipt of the flanges therein to secure the clip to the ring portion.’
    • ‘Shampoo containing allantoin can prevent hair from furcating, and make hair softer, smoother, more flexible, blacker and shinier.’
    • ‘Palmae and plantae were deeply furcated.’
    branch, split, divide, subdivide, separate, part, diverge, go in different directions, go separate ways, bifurcate, split in two


  • Divided into two or more branches; forked.

    ‘The furcated branches are commonly bifurcated or, less commonly, trifurcated one or two times, but this character may differ from ray to ray.’
    • ‘A motif of furcated leaf belongs to the most ancient.’
    • ‘The furcated second end includes at least two branches that extend from an intersection of the furcated second end.’


Early 19th century from late Latin furcatus ‘cloven’, from Latin furca ‘fork’.