Meaning of furcation in English:


Pronunciation /fəːˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/



See furcate

‘As growth proceeds, intercalated or bifurcate ribs may appear between the paired ribs, furcation normally occurring on the lower third of the flank.’
  • ‘There is also some other difference in furcation; the rays are bifurcated in Protobiramus, while they are more commonly trifurcated in the Protoentactiniidae.’
  • ‘A significant clinical fill of both furcations and some crestal resorption of tooth No.3 were noted.’
  • ‘A spaced pair of cross members interconnect the furcations at elevationally offset locations.’
  • ‘Reference marks and demarcations were determined on the furcations and also on the root surfaces involved in the measures.’
  • ‘Access to the mesial furcations is best from the lingual surface because the furcation entrance is located lingually and not directly in the midline.’
  • ‘The term ‘head ‘is used herein to mean that part of a clip according to the invention to which both furcations are connected.’’