Meaning of furcular in English:




See furcula

‘To obtain each fat sample, birds were anesthetized by intramuscular injection with ketamine-rompun and a 2 mm incision was made in the skin overlying the furcular cavity.’
  • ‘Wing chord length, weight, and a furcular fat score were also determined.’
  • ‘We detected no differences in the composition of fatty acids in furcular fat, subcutaneous fat, and intraperitoneal fat.’
  • ‘Furcular fat is known to correlate positively with total body fat composition.’
  • ‘The furcular hollow is more than full; that is, the fat is bulging slightly above the furculum.’
  • ‘It is produced by the bird inflating its furcular air sac; the calling bird visibly deflates as the vocalization progresses.’
  • ‘This fat is laid down primarily in the furcular region as illustrated at right, but also forms at other locations of the body - including along the flanks where the legs attach to the body.’
  • ‘The photo below was taken in attempts to show the powder down feathers which outline the furcular hollow and are unique to herons and bitterns (the yellow feathers near the bottom of the photo that form a ‘V’).’