Meaning of furfuraceous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfəːf(j)əˈreɪʃəs/


Botany Medicine
  • Covered with or characterized by scales that resemble bran.

    ‘Fifty subjects suffering from scalp seborrhea and furfuraceous desquamation took part in this clinical trial.’
    • ‘The stem of this species is 70-100 × 9-20 mm, narrowing upward, solid or stuffed, white, smooth and glabrous at first, becoming finely furfuraceous towards the base.’
    • ‘They are recognized by dark, ridged, pitted, usually conic-shaped caps, the margin fused to the stipe, or somewhat overlapping, and a whitish to cream-buff, furfuraceous stipe with folds at the base.’
    • ‘Small scars, with furfuraceous, dry and gray exfoliation on round and linear zones of 20-25 x 4-5 cm., were observed in the submammalian region.’
    • ‘There is a single persistent bract subtending each pedicel and the seeds are crescent shaped and ridged along the margins but not undulate or furfuraceous.’
    dry, flaky, flaking, peeling, scurfy, rough, scabrous, mangy, scabious


Mid 17th century from late Latin furfuraceus (from Latin furfur ‘bran’) + -ous.