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Pronunciation /ˈfəːnɪʃ/

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[with object]
  • 1Provide (a house or room) with furniture and fittings.

    ‘the proprietor has furnished the bedrooms in a variety of styles’
    • ‘They didn't buy any more furniture for the living room or extra bedrooms because furnishing the baby's room was the most important thing on their list.’
    • ‘In furnishing the house, Rose tended to focus on one room at a time, usually using a different wood for each - ash, oak, cherry, or sycamore.’
    • ‘Anticipating Emma's return at Christmas, she had begun furnishing a room of the house as a child's nursery.’
    • ‘Orange's intelligent house is furnished with the latest state-of-the-art technology in every room, being primarily designed to simplify domestic life and make it more fun.’
    • ‘The Loockermans were probably typical of prosperous pre-Revolutionary residents of Delaware in furnishing their houses with a combination of locally made goods and finer wares from Philadelphia.’
    • ‘Their children, Generation Y, will be in the mid-20s nesting phase, acquiring cars, buying new homes and furnishing their rooms with lamps and love seats.’
    • ‘Every bedroom and every room was furnished to perfection.’
    • ‘Parents and teachers lovingly plan and furnish children's rooms even before they arrive.’
    • ‘Once fans have finished furnishing their rooms, they're being encouraged to send pictures of their boudoirs to the official Olsen twins' website, where they will be posted.’
    • ‘Stocking a garden is a bit like furnishing a house.’
    • ‘O'Brien built and furnished the house as his ultimate dream residence, but its location did not suit his business needs, so he and his family moved out and let it instead.’
    • ‘When a developer asked David Linley to furnish a neo-Georgian house, he gave them his trademark style combined with collectables old and new.’
    • ‘The items will then be distributed to low income families and people who cannot afford to furnish their own homes.’
    • ‘However, furnishing a house from scratch takes time.’
    • ‘His personal possessions arrived crammed in the back of a van and a team of staff began the lengthy task of furnishing his room.’
    • ‘The rooms are furnished in period style with squashy sofas and chairs in intimate groupings complete with photographs and hunting trophies from bygone eras and current family snaps.’
    • ‘‘It tells us about the poor people at the time, what they wore, how they furnished their houses, how they lived,’ said Alison.’
    • ‘The Doll's House is furnished like a bright children's nursery, with colourful walls and shelves brimming with old annuals, teddies and spinning tops.’
    • ‘A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.’
    • ‘So you've bought a property to let, but have you thought about how to furnish your new investment to best entice your target tenant?’
    provide with furniture, fit out, rig out, appoint, outfit, embellish, enhance
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  • 2Be a source of; provide.

    ‘fish furnish an important source of protein’
    • ‘The chronology section in this volume is less detailed that the one in the Source book but furnishes enough information to allow the reader to grasp the outline of Wesley's biography.’
    • ‘This ancient Middle Eastern source furnished the basis for classical Greek medical and philosophical theories of hysteria.’
    • ‘But even yet the discovery of the cholera bacillus is important, as furnishing an aid in diagnosis which would facilitate the detection of the first case occurring in a district, and the adoption of measures to prevent its spread.’
    • ‘The emerging technology of digital scanning furnishes an opportunity to provide access to these important newspaper resources without destroying the resource itself.’
    • ‘One must pay attention to his ramblings, as they furnish important clues for what the player is supposed to do next.’
    • ‘As long as ample employment opportunities are furnished in Taiwan, there are still many sources of taxation.’
    • ‘Moreover, sources close to Enron began to furnish the Journal with documents.’
    • ‘This method was permissible because the importer, by furnishing proper information, could avoid the penalty tax.’
    • ‘Finally, the translation of Ptolemy's Almagest furnished important astronomical material.’
    • ‘They often furnish important physical descriptions or represent notable characteristics.’
    • ‘Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.’
    • ‘Language furnishes the best proof that a law accepted by a community is a thing that is tolerated and not a rule to which all freely consent.’
    • ‘Though Banking Ombudsman has nothing to do with it, I have asked the ICICI Bank to furnish details,’ said Mr. Sebastian.’
    supply, equip, provide, provision, issue, fix up, grant, present
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    1. 2.1furnish someone withSupply someone with (something); give (something) to someone.
      ‘she was able to furnish me with details of the incident’
      • ‘Crawford furnished News Central with typewriters, telephones, teletype machines, office supplies, coffee, and soft drinks, and provided reporters with press kits, passes, and convenient darkroom facilities.’
      • ‘It furnished them with elegantly prepared meals (in contrast to the work camps, which still oblige laborers to sling their own hash), and it shifted the focus from hard labor to cultural exchange.’
      • ‘And, of course, it makes the obvious point that, like it or not, we have furnished Al-Quaeda with photos for their recruitment brochures for decades.’
      • ‘The efforts of the Emperor Franz Joseph and the ruling elite to divert attention from their country's increasingly threadbare imperial pretensions furnished Musil with comic material galore.’
      • ‘Our casting director was unable to track down an agent for Mr. Allen so I called a friend who furnished me with what turned out to be Dayton's home number.’
      • ‘Further to your article in last week's edition of the Guardian about to the house owned by Harry Secombe, I would like to furnish you with more information relating to the front brick wall mentioned in the feature.’
      • ‘And what evidence does Mr Warner furnish us with to justify his claims?’
      • ‘It is envisaged that, once established, the commission will furnish Mr McDowell with a final report within 18 months.’
      • ‘The head of one of these nonprofits drives a Mercedes-Benz provided by the nonprofit, which previously furnished him with two Jaguars.’
      • ‘Rather than starting from what kids want to learn and furnishing them with that, it tells them what they'll have to learn and punishes them if they cant - or won't - learn it.’
      • ‘If ever you wanted to know about England's position in the scheme of things, European footballwise, then a few hours spent in front of the television last Saturday would have furnished you with all the information you could possibly need.’
      • ‘He forced the Indians to give their houses to his men, and to furnish them with a supply of blankets.’
      • ‘The contractor will furnish you with a one-year warranty on the line replacement per the Scope of Work.’
      • ‘Are you able to direct me in the right direction or even furnish me with the information I am seeking?’
      • ‘The department will furnish you with reporting forms and sales tax rate charts to distribute to the vendors.’
      • ‘Panavision would then furnish them with corrector lenses that would focus the lens properly in their theater.’
      • ‘I like the rain, because it fills up the reservoirs and furnishes me with plentiful electricity.’
      • ‘We request that, as a first step, you furnish us with a brief description of a topic you would like to pursue.’
      • ‘My friends, you are no different than the young lad who furnishes me with my large order of chips at McDonald's.’
      • ‘We will furnish you with itemized invoices for all fees and payments made by us and all expenses incurred by us.’
      present with, provide with, supply with, furnish with, gift with
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Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘provide or equip with what is necessary or desirable’): from Old French furniss-, lengthened stem of furnir, ultimately of West Germanic origin.