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Pronunciation /ˈfəːri/

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adjectiveadjective furrier, adjective furriest

  • 1Covered with fur.

    ‘furry creatures in fields’
    • ‘They stand aghast that a person can devote so much of their busy life to quiet conversations with these furry friends.’
    • ‘You need them spaced at intervals of about 2m, with the baited ends placed across the routes used by your furry friends.’
    • ‘It delivers 7,000 furry friends to seven hospitals in the area each year.’
    • ‘The curious red-eyed female headed straight to the well ripe banana we had been given on our arrival to tempt the furry creature.’
    • ‘Now the house Pomeranians eat cat food, the stray cats eat dog food and all the furry creatures sit where they wish.’
    • ‘Any bite from a warm-blooded furry creature must be considered suspect, even if minor.’
    • ‘This furry scrap of a creature was of course completely lovable and endearing, but only to people who like cats.’
    • ‘It's a sad fact that when you share your life with small furry creatures, you have to face the inevitable.’
    • ‘Why do goats sing and what can a bee, a mouse, and an unknown furry creature have in common?’
    • ‘It was covered with fluffy, furry pink stuffed animals that had bright pink gems for eyes.’
    • ‘The once furry brown creature now looked like a fuzzy, purple and green monster.’
    • ‘Usually Gerbils have a white furry tummy and their tails are also covered in hair, unlike those of mice.’
    • ‘Dogs are more socially acceptable than dolls and, being alive and furry, a little more entertaining.’
    • ‘They can't be made into posh burgers, they can't be kept as pets, and they can't be made into nice furry coats like mink can.’
    • ‘They are nice furry mammals, which sit in the palm and can be stroked.’
    • ‘CottonTails rescue centre in Westbury has taken so many of the furry pets into their care they desperately need to find new owners.’
    • ‘Besides, a better celebration is some quiet time at home with the wife and the two furry children.’
    • ‘The tagged rodent was released into the wild to allow researchers to investigate how the little furry pests behave on small islands.’
    • ‘At the pet store, I spotted a cute, furry puppy and an equally cute guy working there.’
    • ‘The range of outfits for our smaller, furry companions seems totally limited.’
    covered with fur, hairy, long-haired, downy, fleecy, soft, fluffy, fuzzy, woolly
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    1. 1.1Having a soft surface like fur.
      ‘a layer of furry soot’
      • ‘It was made of a soft furry material, creamish white. Oh how she had admired that bag!’
      • ‘When I stoop to feel the texture of a small furry leaf, she quickly tells me not to touch the plants.’
      • ‘That makes this leaf eater with its furry feet one of the rarest animals in the world.’
      • ‘Otherwise, what happens is that the edges become all fluffy and furry and the potatoes absorb too much water.’
      • ‘The leaves are light green, slightly furry and have an attractive scalloped edge.’
      • ‘She was wearing a furry waistcoat and odd, low-slung baggy trousers, but the most interesting thing was her bottom.’
      • ‘Before long he discovered a large, peculiar seed; it was furry and the color of pomegranates.’

nounplural noun furries

  • 1An enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.

    • ‘a growing community of furries’
    • ‘the furry fandom’
    • ‘His weirdo brother is dating a furry.’
    • ‘Everything looks cooler with a good pair of gladiator sandals, whether it's a breezy summer dress or that blue cosplay furry costume your brony boyfriend brought you back from Comic-Con.’
    • ‘The furry community is known for its artists and other creative genius and that creativity was in evidence throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘When a cafe owner found himself unable to squirrel away enough money to keep his restaurant open, the furry community stepped up to help him bear his debt.’
    • ‘She got her start drawing with the furry fandom, because art is easier to approach there.’
    • ‘The idea that all furries are doing something taboo was perpetuated in news media reports last fall.’
    • ‘She shares some fascinating stories from her first weekend trip to a furry convention.’
    • ‘Furries are the nicest nerds and geeks I've ever met.’
    • ‘Costuming helps some furries express themselves in ways they couldn't in everyday clothes.’
    • ‘The point for me was to put aside whatever conception of furries I'd had in the past and go see what the 'real story' was.’
    • ‘I see outlets that make fun of furries in manners that range from gentle fun-poking to outright malice.’
  • 2A small fur-covered animal, typically a rodent.

    • ‘the cats get more cuddles and the small furries get extra treats too’
    • ‘The fearless furry returned to the door of his makeshift burrow and watched his brothers and sisters snuggle up to their mum.’
    • ‘It's not just dogs and cats being abandoned, it's also what we call our small furries—be it rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils.’
    • ‘The series of free pet workshops provides children with the opportunity to learn more about how to keep their dogs, cats and small furries safe this winter and bonfire night.’
    • ‘Staff at the charity are hoping to find new homes for the dogs, cats, rabbits, small furries, and other pets in their care.’
    • ‘I'm old enough to have had a few faithful furries myself, and have had to help more than one of them go on to the next world.’
    • ‘The little furries make forays to the world above.’
    • ‘Often people can find these little furries a bit scary—but they make wonderful pets in the right home.’
    • ‘They are all long-haired furries, too.’
    • ‘Things that are important are family, friends, and my furries.’
    • ‘I would love to be able to set a central air thermostat at a reasonable level for during very hot days when I'm at work, as opposed to worrying all day about my furries getting overheated.’
    • ‘Don't forget your small furries or outside pets—they need to be kept warm too.’