Meaning of furunculosis in English:


Pronunciation /fjʊˌrʌŋkjʊˈləʊsɪs/


mass noun
  • 1Medicine
    The simultaneous or repeated occurrence of boils on the skin.

    ‘The differential diagnosis includes furunculosis, infected epidermoid cysts and granulomatous disease.’
    • ‘HD is a well known Chinese folk medicine used for the treatment of various diseases including hepatitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, appendicitis, urethral infection, contusions, furunculosis and cancers, etc.’
    • ‘Further investigation also confirmed that anal furunculosis is frequently accompanied with IBD.’
    • ‘This disease is a localized folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the hair follicle, and furunculosis or rupture of the hair follicle restricted to the chin and lips.’
    • ‘If bacteria cause the interdigital furunculosis, there may be several nodules with new lesions developing as others resolve.’
  • 2A bacterial disease of salmon and trout.

    ‘In the meantime, new diseases like furunculosis, infectious pancreatic necrosis, infectious salmon anaemia and cardiomyopathy syndrome are surfacing at regular intervals.’
    • ‘Farmed fish contracted antibiotic-resistant strains of furunculosis, a fatal disease that produces ugly skin ulcers; wild salmon that migrated past their pens also contracted the disease.’
    • ‘Although A. salmonicida is well known as the causative agent for the disease furunculosis in salmonids, it can also manifest itself with other conditions in non-salmonids.’
    • ‘To date, there have been no reports of ‘typical’ furunculosis in salmonids in Australia, despite many attempts to isolate the organism.’
    • ‘In the former season 96 salmon kelts were examined and 85 of these had furunculosis; in the latter season, up to the time of going to press, 9 out of 24 kelts examined had furunculosis.’


Late 19th century from furuncle+ -osis.