Meaning of fuse box in English:

fuse box


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(also fuse board)
  • A box housing the fuses for circuits in a building.

    ‘I clicked off the switch, and ran downstairs to the fuse box, to switch off the electricity.’
    • ‘He quickly went to work in the room that seemed to contain a giant fuse box and a lot of wires.’
    • ‘Make sure that you know how to switch off the mains supply at the fuse box, and store spare fuses in a handy place.’
    • ‘The source of the fire was an electrical fault and was traced to an old fuse board.’
    • ‘One of them did the actual driving, and the other was on-hand to bend down and fix the fuse box by the dashboard whenever the vehicle came to an unexpected and complete stand-still (which was five times in total).’
    • ‘Getting back from the supermarket, we found the kitchen sockets switch tripped at the fuse box, and eventually isolated the problem as the washing machine which, at a mere 8 years old, looks as if it's giving up the ghost.’
    • ‘Two of the trip switches in our fuse box cannot be switched back on again because the power to the ex-garage was linked to those circuits and until that supply is isolated there's a short circuit.’
    • ‘We are going back today to investigate this because the fuse box is brand new.’
    • ‘I didn't know anything about a fuse box or breaker.’
    • ‘From the fuse board wires are led to the individual cord circuits at each section of the main switchboard.’
    • ‘If the lights go out you will always have to go to the fuse board, so you'll know where to find the torch.’
    • ‘Firefighters from Camborne and Redruth attended when a fuse board in a flat caught fire.’
    • ‘We offer a full supply and fit service when fitting new fuse boards with makes from MK, Wylex and many more.’
    • ‘We are able to replace existing fuse boards or select and install new ones which are suitable for your household.’
    • ‘This image set shows the temperature profile of a 1 amp fuse board under varying loads, with varying palette scales.’
    • ‘He also helpfully advised us that this procedure was also highly effective for use in fuse boards.’
    • ‘The latest generation of fuse boxes are safe, easy to use and can be located in the most convenient position for you.’
    • ‘We're shopping for an older house and many of the houses we've looked at have fuse boxes rather than circuit breakers.’
    • ‘Simply go to the fuse boxes which may correspond and if one switch is off and all others are on, switch the odd one back on.’
    • ‘A new cooker circuit is quite expensive to install as the cable is larger and the circuit needs to be supplied from the fuse board to the cooker.’