Meaning of fuse wire in English:

fuse wire


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mass noun
  • Thin wire used in an electric fuse.

    ‘Look at it closely and you'll see stems as thin as fuse wire supporting dazzling-white, tiny blooms like a mass of twisted fairy lights.’
    • ‘Just a few wispy pieces that looked as if they had been fashioned from 13 amp fuse wire and some old ‘Rolo’ toffee wrappers.’
    • ‘Everything will be in the proper Christmas colours of red, green and gold, and at least half the decorations will be edible little home bakes that no one is allowed to eat in case they swallow a loop of fuse wire.’
    • ‘I'm not a handyman, but I took my tool box, fuse wire even!’
    • ‘Their film of women and children cowering behind fuse wire wasn't a report of an event, as was, for example, footage of the Western Front.’
    • ‘Badly wounded in a dog-fight, he lay on his blanket without anaesthetic and let my father stitch him together with fuse wire.’
    • ‘The tip was stained dirty blue and there was a twist of fine fuse wire near to the point, enough to weight it so that it flew point first.’
    • ‘The ones that insist on having the same density of fuse wire and stick out at 90 degrees from your head.’
    • ‘Wrap some fuse wire round the neck of the bottles and make into loops for hanging.’
    • ‘At his instance the police also recovered a detonator and a piece of fuse wire from his house.’
    • ‘The short length of thin fuse wire is visible between the two spade connectors through the fuse body.’
    • ‘It is important that the fuse wire you use does NOT exceed the rating shown on the fuse holder.’
    • ‘‘That's it ’, I quickly replied and stooped to pick up the winder of fuse wire he had now dropped.’
    • ‘Additionally, the fuse wire is tin-plated.’
    • ‘One end of the fuse wire is connected to the negative terminal of the battery, the other end of the fuse wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery but via a fire button and key switch.’
    • ‘Normally, the thin piece of fuse wire is contained within a safety sheath to minimize hazards of arc blast if the wire burns open with violent force, as can happen in the case of severe overcurrents.’
    • ‘When contact is detected, the system sends a surge of electricity through the fuse wire to burn the wire and release the spring.’
    • ‘A ceramic coating for a subminiature fuse includes sodium silicate and silicon dioxide applied over a subminiature fuse wire in slurry form.’
    • ‘The fuse ratings for cartridge fuses and fuse wire are the same.’
    • ‘For instance, if the length of the fuse wire or strip is short enough, an arc will form between the ends maintaining the circuit as long as there is current to supply it.’