Meaning of fusel oil in English:

fusel oil

Pronunciation /ˈfjuːz(ə)l/


mass noun
  • A mixture of several alcohols (chiefly amyl alcohol) produced as a by-product of alcoholic fermentation.

    ‘Brachiaria decumbens seeds submitted to fusel oil did not germinate and were rendered totally unviable.’
    • ‘The crude fusel oil must be submitted to a careful distillation with a thermometer in the retort.’
    • ‘The term fusel oil is strictly the remains of a pot or batch distillation, the compounds with low volatility.’
    • ‘For the producers of potable alcohol, fusel oil normally must be removed during the distillation process.’
    • ‘The fusel oil which is produced in refining stage I is withdrawn from column 4 via a pipeline 7.’


Mid 19th century from German Fusel ‘bad liquor’, probably related to fuseln ‘to bungle’.