Meaning of fusiform in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfjuːzɪfɔːm/


Botany Zoology
  • Tapering at both ends; spindle-shaped.

    ‘a fusiform elongated body’
    • ‘The bodies of catsharks are fusiform (cylindrical, tapering at the ends) to slightly depressed.’
    • ‘Labellar papillae show greater diversity, and may be conical, obpyriform, villiform, fusiform or clavate.’
    • ‘The most conspicuous features of these elongate fusiform actinopterygians consist of one or two rows of anamestic supraorbital bones, a mosaic of suborbitals, and the presence of two rows of extrascapulars in one species.’
    • ‘Sharp, low ridges delimit fusiform areas along the body surface with fine transverse striation recognizable in places.’
    • ‘The Pisaniinae comprise ovate to fusiform gastropods whose shells are sculptured with axial ribs and finer spiral cords and threads.’


Mid 18th century from Latin fusus ‘spindle’ + -form.