Meaning of fusser in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌsə/


See fuss

‘The tidiers, the cleaners, the fussers, the preeners - they are only running toward an early demise.’
  • ‘They have looked after all sorts of children: sniffers, fussers, sneaky and bad tempered ones.’
  • ‘Her approach to life is direct and she can also be pessimistic, critical and something of a fusser.’
  • ‘The result was predictable, and indeed predicted by some observers, yet still came as a shock to the legions of professional fussers mired in wishful thinking.’
  • ‘If the iguana is a fusser, wrap him in a large towel and, placing the bundled iguana on the counter in your lap when seated, extract one limb at a time and clip the claws.’