Meaning of futurity in English:


nounplural noun futurities

  • 1mass noun The future time.

    ‘the tremendous shadows which futurity casts upon the present’
    • ‘They realized that, whether a man is most swayed by the one or the other, what he must most depend upon and desire, is a knowledge of futurity.’
    • ‘There is enough of sorrow in this world, without looking into futurity for it.’
    • ‘Is the Place a reservoir of history, or a well of futurity?’
    • ‘Its great to go into a room somewhere and listen to all of this sound, sound that is full of futurity, sound that is presented as an event of the mind rather than the body - where it will take us, we shall see.’
    • ‘By entering this nothingness, which is the constitutive risk of already dwelling on the earth - call it the burden of consciousness or the task of history - we take up the needfulness of futurity itself.’
    • ‘As Favaro noted, on the second line Galileo had first written 15 February, then changed it to the 16th - an initial error, we may conjecture, as caused confusion in futurity.’
    • ‘We can so far take a prophetic glance into futurity as to foretell that it will be the common and widely-spread species, belonging to the larger and dominant groups, which will ultimately prevail and procreate new and dominant species.’
    • ‘As You Like It is perhaps ideal for such treatment, since in that play the attempt to marry wilfulness and futurity is the outcome of a comic action of forced reconcilement.’
    • ‘If there is some take on that side, then there may be able to be some more give on mine. I was struck by the concept of futurity in both your poetry and criticism.’
    • ‘At that point it's a conceptual lyrical moment where the poem is becoming aware, or I am becoming aware of the piece at that point as having to do with futurity.’
    • ‘Any event must have all three properties, pastness, presentness and futurity, but this is a contradiction.’
    • ‘Yet pastness and futurity, he argued, are inherently contradictory; so nothing in reality can correspond to them.’
    • ‘The second possibility was a fixed date - some date in futurity, which could have been the commencement date.’
    • ‘It is simply not right that a space program be merely a bauble of a billionaire when all of futurity beckons.’
    • ‘Asleep here are those who had sacrificed the life of this world for the life of futurity.’
    • ‘Expectation is a calculus of futurity, an extrapolation of narrativised past events into the future.’
    • ‘Often the anxiety seems concealed under a discourse of futurity, in which attention is given to what life online might become - with contradictions deleted - rather than giving attention to what actually happens or has happened.’
    • ‘It is ‘the democracy to come’ not in terms of futurity, but in terms of instability; that is, it is structurally performative.’
    • ‘The danger is of developing hibernation strategies which envisage a futurity whose solace is retrospective.’
    • ‘Judging from the past, we may safely infer that not one living species will transmit its unaltered likeness to a distant futurity.’
    1. 1.1count noun A future event.
      ‘the great novelists who truly mirror the tremendous futurities’
      • ‘Hopefully, in the next set, they'll also grace us with something more in the way of special features: radio shows, interviews, futurities, maybe even commentaries.’
      • ‘Security is the superposition of one moment upon the next in a serial form for the sake of a calculated futurity (expectation).’
      • ‘Instead it enacts a movement from future to past that hints towards a futurity entirely removed from linear temporality.’
      • ‘No part - no part - of that liability in any way relates, on the evidence - it has not been suggested that it relates on the evidence - to any advantage flowing from the futurity of discharge.’
      • ‘Freedom from the old, freedom from aesthetic determination and the law of Rowley, depends upon an impossible futurity.’
    2. 1.2Renewed or continuing existence.
      ‘the snowdrops were a promise of futurity’
      • ‘Wilkinson's piece is a consummate attempt to rise to the challenge of the embarrassment of the manifesto, with a hesitation and a promise for futurity in what he calls a ‘superversive manifesto’.’
      • ‘Reality is airbrushed and we're given promises of fabulous, mythical oases of futurity.’
      • ‘This chapter announces the promising futurity of ‘Unnatural Acts and the Next Acts.’’
      • ‘The perceiving individual's terminal attitudes constitute an anticipatory contact experience in which the futurity of distant objects is reduced to an abstract contemporaneity.’
      • ‘The last sentence, however, abruptly changes the futurity of the goals and positions them as long-established truths.’
      • ‘The futurity of God's self-naming- ‘I shall be what I shall be’ leads to the profound reflection that redemption is an episodic phenomenon.’
  • 2US

    short for futurity race

    ‘Created over 30 years ago to perpetuate the traditional progression of training the California Vaquero Bridle Horse, the futurity has a special mystique.’
    • ‘In 2001, he competed at the futurity with broken ribs and a punctured lung.’
    • ‘‘We don't have a lot of futurities down in our area, but she did place in a futurity last year,’ she said.’
    • ‘The sport was growing here in numbers, but many cutters did not want to travel all the way to Texas to compete in a first-rate futurity.’
    • ‘In Michigan and Virginia, he plays host to two of the largest western pleasure futurities in the world.’
    • ‘Like an equine futurity, the bulls were judged on their performance, even though most of the time the rider didn't make the 8-second buzzer.’
    • ‘What we're referring to is a futurity, a contest featuring young livestock.’
    • ‘The winners of the incentive portion of the futurities received a lettered jacket in addition to the money.’
    • ‘Both futurities are held during our Thanksgiving Appaloosa Horse Show, held annually in Moose Jaw, Sask.’
    • ‘Watch for Hanna in the yearling futurities and open yearling filly classes at the APHA shows in 2007.’
    • ‘Some of the top breeders in the region are consigning colts so that they can show in the futurities.’
    • ‘You will be right to compete at Neosha for high point awards and compete in our open futurities.’
    • ‘Most of the big futurities have these future fortunes side pots.’
    • ‘Buckles will be awarded to the winners of all futurities.’
    • ‘He is also eligible for the PHSC Yearling Lounge Line, two-year-old western pleasure and three-year old reining futurities.’



/fjuːˈtjʊərɪti/ /fjuːˈtʃʊərɪti/