Meaning of G-man in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒiːman/

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  • 1US informal An FBI agent.

    • ‘the G-men say he used the funds to buy property’
    • ‘you are much more likely to cross paths with the local beat cop than the federal G-man’
    • ‘The violence problem was overcome with relative ease by shifting from one side of the law to the other, from gangsters to G-men as the agents of male power and authority.’
    • ‘Not only was he the biggest mystery in the biggest political scandal of the last century, he was a star G-man during the FBI's glory days during the J. Edgar Hoover era.’
    • ‘But in addition to the G-man at the door, another agent stood off to one side.’
    • ‘If Megale couldn't identify an undercover G-man, you have to wonder exactly how he earned his nickname.’
    • ‘Turner, a Hoover-era G-man, revisits the most significant cases in his FBI career including the Kennedy assassination, the Bay of Pigs and Watergate.’
    • ‘Director J. Edgar Hoover had the world believing that his intrepid and invincible G-men had caught the Nazi spies as they had arrived - law enforcement at its best.’
    • ‘The FBI envisioned the massive overhaul plan as a far cry from the G-man of J. Edgar Hoover's day at the agency as the agency director.’
    • ‘Remember, it wasn't a squad of G-men who finally brought down Al Capone - it was an army of pencil-packing IRS agents.’
    • ‘Seems they've accidentally disrupted the plans of a corrupt G-man with a penchant for Pagliacci named Cornell.’
    • ‘In this regard, Temple did to Mae West exactly what the G-man did to the gangster: she sublated an image of transgressive excess into a socially acceptable form.’
    • ‘However, the big G-man is the least of their problems.’
    • ‘Within a half second of dialing, the former G-man picked up.’
    • ‘When the G-men showed up the next day, they told him that a patient had called them and said he looked like - and had a similar first name as - one of the seven terrorists authorities were looking for.’
    • ‘It was just such an unexpected treat to hear such a beautiful song in the middle of the season finale of a show about G-men and missing persons.’
    • ‘A tough-looking G-man with his sleeves rolled up growls, ‘Enjoy your little nap?’’
    • ‘The 243-page FBI file on Groucho Marx shows that the G-men found grist for their conspiracy theories in the most innocent of details.’
    • ‘Look, I have to let these G-men on board, then what do you say I buy you lunch?’
    • ‘In fact, why not tell the real story, the one with no sympathetic G-man, the one where Abagnale credits his social transformation to his wife rather than the FBI?’
    spy, secret agent, undercover agent, operative, fifth columnist, Mata Hari


    1930s probably an abbreviation of Government man.

  • 2Irish historical A political detective.

    ‘the G-men were used by the British regime in Dublin Castle to thwart the Irish Republican Brotherhood’
    • ‘Napolitano, who headed the crew Pistone infiltrated, disappeared on August 17, 1981 - one month after the G-man ended his assignment.’
    • ‘This collection serves as the introduction collection to beat all introduction collections on the G-man.’
    • ‘Michael Collins' best remembered military achievement was the surveillance and assassination of the 13 G-men in the other ‘Bloody Sunday’ which is still a text book example in the literature of insurrection and guerilla war.’
    • ‘‘It's unbelievable,’ he says of the visit from the G-men.’
    • ‘Mamet concentrates so thoroughly on the personal tension among his various G-men that they never engage in an actual political discussion.’


    Early 20th century perhaps an arbitrary use of G.