Meaning of G-string in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒiːstrɪŋ/

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(also gee-string)
  • A garment consisting of a narrow strip of cloth attached to a waistband that covers only the genital area, worn as underwear or by striptease performers.

    ‘A similar range of underwear, including a G-string and padded bras, was removed from the catalogue.’
    • ‘The G-strings and plunging necklines - I'll never let my daughter shop alone.’
    • ‘Some spider thongs, suspender G-strings, and skimpy tops come with the warning ‘these aren't for everyone.’’
    • ‘I wanted to open the debate on whether or not girls think guys who wear G-string underwear are sexy or not.’
    • ‘The wispy G-strings, revealing bras and lacy garter-belts went on sale Saturday.’
    • ‘But I could see that all she was wearing was a cowboy hat, a bikini top and a G-string.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with being sexy, but I draw the line at body parts hanging out, G-strings showing, or too much cleavage.’
    • ‘Rows of tanned muscles, tight speedos, topless girls and G-strings adorned the towels.’
    • ‘It is already allowed to host strip shows provided the performers wear ‘at least a G-string which shall not be removed as part of the performance’.’
    • ‘This is then applied to the pre-shaved pubic area with spirit gum; alternatively the wig can be attached to a transparent G-string.’
    • ‘In New York, men in button-down shirts outnumbered men in G-strings in a parade some said was less flamboyant - but still politically relevant.’
    • ‘Strangely, the garments are designed as a one-size-fits-all G-string and sold in packs of three.’
    • ‘And anyway, weren't thongs and G-strings supposed to be the breakthrough in consigning the dreaded panty line to history?’
    • ‘Stripping in New York is no longer only about stuffing G-strings with US $1 bills in sleazy clubs but handing over US $3,000 tips to women who shed their gleaming evening gowns for a lap dance in lavish cabarets.’
    • ‘She had stripped down to just the G-string, but her long hair teasingly concealed her breasts.’
    • ‘Stripping in the new burlesque goes only as far as pasties and G-strings, not so much in the interests of taste as in the interests of irony.’
    • ‘The excesses and flamboyance of Rio de Janeiro's Carnivale are six months away, sufficient time for intending visitors to perfect their samba and put the finishing touches to their beaded G-strings and feather headpieces.’
    • ‘Her attire embodies minimalism to the fullest, namely minimal G-strings, minimal halter-tops and minimal skirts that accentuate said G-string.’
    • ‘I see G-strings everywhere - hanging out of girl's pants, in shop windows, in films.’
    • ‘When you wear a tight skirt, wear a G-string to avoid ‘panty-line’.’