Meaning of G and T in English:

G and T

Pronunciation /dʒiːənˈtiː/


(also G & T)
  • A drink of gin and tonic.

    ‘The least we can expect after a hard day is a G and T on our way back home.’
    • ‘I am going to have to see what this reads like when the G and T has worn off.’
    • ‘I prefer my lemon squeezed onto a piece of fried fish or into my G and T!’
    • ‘I think it might be time for that G and T after all.’
    • ‘There can be found a different class of drunk, swilling back copious amounts of G and T or champagne and stuffing their faces with complimentary food.’
    • ‘I let the cast improvise a lot, especially with the slang, where they would say ' G and T ' for gin and tonic.’
    • ‘Muchibus thankibus, been busting for a G and T since I bogeyed my niblick with a feathery on the short 13th.’