Meaning of G-man in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒiːman/

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  • 1US informal An FBI agent.

    • ‘The violence problem was overcome with relative ease by shifting from one side of the law to the other, from gangsters to G-men as the agents of male power and authority.’
    • ‘Not only was he the biggest mystery in the biggest political scandal of the last century, he was a star G-man during the FBI's glory days during the J. Edgar Hoover era.’
    • ‘But in addition to the G-man at the door, another agent stood off to one side.’
    • ‘If Megale couldn't identify an undercover G-man, you have to wonder exactly how he earned his nickname.’
    • ‘Turner, a Hoover-era G-man, revisits the most significant cases in his FBI career including the Kennedy assassination, the Bay of Pigs and Watergate.’
    • ‘Director J. Edgar Hoover had the world believing that his intrepid and invincible G-men had caught the Nazi spies as they had arrived - law enforcement at its best.’
    • ‘The FBI envisioned the massive overhaul plan as a far cry from the G-man of J. Edgar Hoover's day at the agency as the agency director.’
    • ‘Remember, it wasn't a squad of G-men who finally brought down Al Capone - it was an army of pencil-packing IRS agents.’
    • ‘Seems they've accidentally disrupted the plans of a corrupt G-man with a penchant for Pagliacci named Cornell.’
    • ‘In this regard, Temple did to Mae West exactly what the G-man did to the gangster: she sublated an image of transgressive excess into a socially acceptable form.’
    • ‘However, the big G-man is the least of their problems.’
    • ‘Within a half second of dialing, the former G-man picked up.’
    • ‘When the G-men showed up the next day, they told him that a patient had called them and said he looked like - and had a similar first name as - one of the seven terrorists authorities were looking for.’
    • ‘It was just such an unexpected treat to hear such a beautiful song in the middle of the season finale of a show about G-men and missing persons.’
    • ‘A tough-looking G-man with his sleeves rolled up growls, ‘Enjoy your little nap?’’
    • ‘The 243-page FBI file on Groucho Marx shows that the G-men found grist for their conspiracy theories in the most innocent of details.’
    • ‘Look, I have to let these G-men on board, then what do you say I buy you lunch?’
    • ‘In fact, why not tell the real story, the one with no sympathetic G-man, the one where Abagnale credits his social transformation to his wife rather than the FBI?’
    spy, secret agent, undercover agent, operative, fifth columnist, Mata Hari
  • 2Irish A political detective.

    ‘Napolitano, who headed the crew Pistone infiltrated, disappeared on August 17, 1981 - one month after the G-man ended his assignment.’
    • ‘This collection serves as the introduction collection to beat all introduction collections on the G-man.’
    • ‘Michael Collins' best remembered military achievement was the surveillance and assassination of the 13 G-men in the other ‘Bloody Sunday’ which is still a text book example in the literature of insurrection and guerilla war.’
    • ‘‘It's unbelievable,’ he says of the visit from the G-men.’
    • ‘Mamet concentrates so thoroughly on the personal tension among his various G-men that they never engage in an actual political discussion.’