Meaning of Gaelic football in English:

Gaelic football



mass noun
  • A type of football played mainly in Ireland between teams of fifteen players, with a goal resembling that used in rugby but having a net attached. The object is to kick or punch the round ball into the net (scoring three points) or over the crossbar (one point).

    ‘Julie is a true sports lover and tried her hand at every sport including camogie, Gaelic football and athletics.’
    • ‘Soccer is a winter game, Gaelic football and hurling are summer games.’
    • ‘I tell them to take up a team sport like Gaelic football or cricket - where they will get away with very little training.’
    • ‘The GAA oversees hurling, Gaelic football and the administration of other Irish sports in both the north and the south.’
    • ‘I have always said it if Carlow is first in any sport it is great for the county, let it be Gaelic football, hurling or rugby.’
    • ‘There's golf, Gaelic football, tennis and basketball to name but a few sports on offer to both boys and girls.’
    • ‘At present only Gaelic games such as Gaelic football and hurling are allowed to be played.’
    • ‘These include Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, athletics and community games.’
    • ‘With the exception of rugby, Gaelic football is he most difficult team game on the planet to adjudicate.’
    • ‘He was also a keen soccer player and had played Gaelic football with the local O'Hanrahan's club.’
    • ‘He used to play Gaelic football in Ireland as a youngster and you need to be tough for that.’
    • ‘In his mid thirties Mike was an all-round athlete, especially at rugby and Gaelic football.’
    • ‘The airwaves and papers were full to saturation point of our domestic games, Gaelic football and hurling.’
    • ‘He brought a lyricism and richness to the depiction of Gaelic football that enthralled Irish people everywhere.’
    • ‘They will be taking part in Gaelic football, soccer and basketball.’
    • ‘Like many of his family, he took a keen interest in sport, especially Gaelic football and soccer.’
    • ‘The new proposals will have serious implications for Gaelic football and rugby.’
    • ‘Our game of Gaelic football has become a game of handball or pass-ball.’
    • ‘In Gaelic football, goalkeepers will continue to use plastic tees.’
    • ‘He had committed his very full life to the sport and the organisation he loved - Gaelic football and the GAA.’