Meaning of gag reflex in English:

gag reflex


  • A reflex action in which the muscles of the throat contract, often so as to cause retching, typically triggered by something touching the back of the mouth.

    ‘the dentist uses acupuncture not only to ease the gag reflex but to reduce anxiety in patients’
    • ‘there was a fishy smell so strong that it triggered her gag reflex’
    • ‘I find it tough to stifle a gag reflex when I see those government TV commercials’
    • ‘The yellowtail sashimi triggered a gag reflex so bad I almost threw up at the table.’
    • ‘You have to breathe through your mouth for the duration of your meal in order to suppress your gag reflex from the smell’
    • ‘The gag reflex in babies is very strong and naturally pushes food forward before it is in any danger of blocking the throat.’
    • ‘Eight minutes in and the smell of the meat was enough to engage my gag reflex.’
    • ‘That short description is enough to trigger the gag reflex in almost anyone.’
    • ‘She did a strep test on me and although I'm very squeamish with a bad gag reflex, she got the swab and made me laugh the whole way.’
    • ‘I don't have a strong gag reflex but if you put a piece of plastic in my mouth for more than three minutes I will gag.’
    • ‘Dentists may use viscous lidocaine to reduce the gag reflex in children during dental X-rays and impressions.’
    • ‘If the thought of eating insects triggers a gag reflex, you might just have to try them once to overcome the "yuck" factor.’
    • ‘Aside from preventing choking, the human gag reflex serves a vital purpose during infancy: It helps moderate the transition from liquid to solid foods.’