Meaning of gain the upper hand in English:

gain the upper hand


(also get the upper hand)
  • Gain control over someone or something.

    ‘each strives to gain the upper hand in military might’
    • ‘However, it would be wrong to think that the government has the upper hand in controlling public opinion.’
    • ‘Both teams strove to gain the upper hand but were very evenly matched.’
    • ‘Hussain also believes that the Australians usually gained the upper hand by bullying the opposition, and this is a pitfall the English team must avoid.’
    • ‘Just when Claudius thinks he controls Hamlet, it is really Hamlet who has the upper hand over Claudius.’
    • ‘She had the upper hand, and she was using it well to her advantage.’
    an advantage, a commanding position, an edge, the edge, the whip hand, a lead, a head start, ascendancy, superiority, supremacy, sway, control, predominance, power, mastery, dominance, command