Meaning of gain time in English:

gain time

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  • Obtain extra time to achieve something by deliberate delaying tactics.

    ‘the government was using the negotiations to gain time’
    • ‘One use for negotiations, of course, would be to gain time to launder your money, burn the files, destroy the evidence etc…’
    • ‘The objective is to gain time for markets to recover, if the trustees believe that they will, instead of immediately making irrevocable changes to the fund.’
    • ‘Realistically, our mission was to delay their advance and gain time by fighting fiercely, imaginatively, courageously-even to the last man.’
    • ‘Ride the bus, then, in pursuit of keeping the air clean, reducing your risk of car accidents, or gaining time to read.’
    • ‘It was in the center that the First Minnesota made its famous suicide charge, attacking onrushing Confederates who outnumbered the Minnesotans fifteen to one in a desperate effort to gain time to reinforce the Union line.’
    play for time, stall, procrastinate, delay, use delaying tactics, temporize, hold back, hang back, hang fire, dally, drag one's feet, use dilatory tactics
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