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  • Serving to increase wealth or resources; providing money or other benefit.

    ‘he soon found gainful employment’
    • ‘If one looks at unemployment figures in the country it seems clear that modern labour markets can barely provide gainful employment to settled or even educated people.’
    • ‘The unions usually object to prisoners being given gainful employment, whether sewing mailbags or breaking up rocks, on the grounds that it undercuts free labour.’
    • ‘How fortunate we are that someone is teaching this as opposed to foolishly wasting time teaching how to obtain and keep gainful employment.’
    • ‘He's found some gainful employment in Flin Flon, Manitoba.’
    • ‘But there I was, mindful of the conditional significance of maintaining gainful employment.’
    • ‘The centre also provides a work experience programme, which enables members of the travelling community to source gainful employment.’
    • ‘Letting those people have gainful employment is simply more important than not having to hang up on them when they call me, so I'm staying off the list.’
    • ‘But I am beginning to think that it's time for me to use some of the skills and knowledge I learned all those years ago, in some form of gainful employment.’
    • ‘If there is to be any hope of finding gainful employment for these people, the government needs to invest in programmes that improve basic literacy.’
    • ‘In contrast, this training has given them gainful employment and, above all, recognition and self-confidence.’
    • ‘Both former government soldiers and rebels warn that they might be forced back into a life of violence unless they are given gainful employment soon.’
    • ‘Combining design and technology, web space is a blend of technical intellect and creativity - gainful employment for both sides of the brain.’
    • ‘What is needed is gainful employment on a sustained basis.’
    • ‘The productive and gainful economic activity in India is still linked very much to agriculture as the primary sector of the economy.’
    • ‘Business is productive and gainful, and partnerships are supportive today.’
    • ‘Another factor to consider under substantially gainful occupation is profitable but not productive.’
    • ‘The most common activities among those holdings with gainful activities directly related to the holding was contract work, tourism and other recreation activities.’
    • ‘However, if you are working at a level above substantial gainful activity and you are not eligible for a check you may be responsible for paying the Part B premium yourself.’
    • ‘While sedentary work represents a significantly restricted range of work, this range in itself is not so prohibitively restricted as to negate work capability for substantial gainful activity.’
    • ‘In this case, their activity would be considered as gainful work, provided the activity did not appear to be deliberately contrived to meet the scheme's requirements.’
    profitable, paid, well paid, remunerative, lucrative, moneymaking, financially rewarding
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/ˈɡeɪnfʊl/ /ˈɡeɪnf(ə)l/