Meaning of gal pal in English:

gal pal


  • A female friend.

    • ‘He told officers he was on his way to pick his gal pal at Wagner.’
    • ‘He screamed at the 38-year-old victim to stop following his gal pal around at about 3:45 p.m.’
    • ‘Within the last two years, I've struck up a friendship with a new gal pal.’
    • ‘I think you'd do well to supplement the boyfriends with galpals, anyway.’
    • ‘Enlist the help of your close gals pals to help you stick to your convictions.’
    • ‘I was talking to a gal pal, three years into her relationship.’
    • ‘Under questioning, Taylor's gal pal claimed he was also "involved" with a 17-year-old runaway from out of state.’
    • ‘You just can't forget to stay true to your other gal pals, too.’
    • ‘This would make a great gift for an older sister, girlfriend, or gal pal.’
    • ‘She went on to explain that the man she left me for had gone back to his initial galpal, leaving her alone.’
    • ‘I have also discovered that several of my gal pals are in similar older woman/younger man relationships.’
    • ‘My gal pals did not let me down.’
    • ‘I'm a huge football fan and was watching a match with my gal pals.’
    • ‘I enjoy group outing with guys but love one-on-one outing with my galpals.’
    • ‘Cormier then fished a digital camera out of his pocket and began shooting photos of his gal pal.’
    • ‘But even traveling with your best gal pal can be a challenge.’
    • ‘It's no surprise that some of our favorite gal pals have been spotted hanging around South Beach lately.’
    • ‘However, since my gal pal and I travel so much, we are seasoned packers.’
    • ‘It's at that moment that I have to call my gal-pal.’