Meaning of galactico in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈlaktɪkəʊ/

nounplural noun galacticos

  • An exceptionally skilled and celebrated soccer player.

    • ‘We have all been thoroughly entertained through the age of the ' galactico '.’
    • ‘Samuel is lucky nobody has yet stuck the label galactico on him.’
    • ‘At Madrid, he joined the galactico, literally a galaxy of stars.’
    • ‘Envious minds in Madrid who fumed at the performances of the galactico last season will be praying for a revolution.’
    • ‘Over here in England, Thierry Henry is certainly another galactico.’
    • ‘Now that the galactico era is ending the club are unlikely to ditch such useful performers.’
    • ‘Is there a Real galactico actually performing well in the World Cup?’
    • ‘Not quite a suitable role for a galactico.’
    • ‘In Spain, there is a word, ' galactico ', which means 'comes from another planet '.’
    • ‘Our new galactico kicks off his new column with a look at one manager's fashion sense’
    • ‘Age is still on the side of the other galactico who may find his way out of Madrid, Michael Owen, who is only one year into his contract.’
    • ‘Long before his incarnation as a Real Madrid galactico, David Beckham spent a couple of months as a 19-year-old playing for Preston North End.’
    • ‘When results go against the team, supporters speak of the club being a galactico retirement home.’
    • ‘Also from sport comes the word ' galactico ' to describe a top-class footballer playing as part of a star studded team.’
    • ‘Whereas a ball-breaker like Camacho bellowed to get his message across, his unheralded successor puts a comforting arm around a galactico and whispers encouragement.’
    • ‘Certainly the glowing reviews he has received would not have discouraged the England captain and Real Madrid galactico from believing that this might at last have been his year.’
    • ‘Beckham, in contrast, is a galactico, a man around whose appearances television deals are struck and who has helped to sustain his club's global image and fame.’
    • ‘Another season without a trophy, which is a very real, pun intended, possibility, and Florentino Perez may be looking for something besides the next galactico, like a new job.’
    • ‘" You can read too much into things: I don't think we'll ever go in the galactico direction; if we did, it wouldn't be a good sign for Chelsea.’
    • ‘When he was signed from Valladolid by John Toshack in 1989, the key phrase at the Bernabeu was not galactico but " Quinta del Buitre ".’


Early 21st century Spanish galáctico, literally ‘galactic person’ (i.e. bigger than a ‘star’). The term was originally used with reference to players in the Real Madrid team of the early 2000s.