Meaning of galah session in English:

galah session


informal Australian
  • A period allocated for private conversation on an outback radio network, especially between women on isolated stations.

    • ‘she cheered herself up by listening in on the morning galah session’
    • ‘The galah sessions soon evolved with isolated workers sharing a chinwag or three over the airwaves.’
    • ‘Traeger inadvertently named the “galah session" in 1935 when sending wire to Birdsville to strengthen the aerial from collapsing under the weight of galahs.’
    • ‘Her only social contact was the weekly galah session.’
    • ‘Then it was time to join the daily galah session on the radio, to see if our message had gone through.’
    • ‘I started to meet others among the isolated women I'd conversed with during galah sessions on the radio.’
    • ‘If you get lonely, you can tune into the galah session.’
    • ‘The galah session is an hour set aside on the radio each morning and afternoon for the women of the lonely stations to chatter about anything that comes into their heads.’
    • ‘For months, newspaper headlines, radio and television, and the outback radio galah session had concentrated on the unrest.’
    • ‘Before and after these periods, the stations could converse freely in galah sessions.’
    • ‘With all the stations tuned in for the galah session, this would at least give them something to talk about.’


1940s a jocular extended sense of galah, with reference to the bird's raucous call and habit of gathering in flocks.