Meaning of Galahad in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡaləhad/

proper noun

(also Sir Galahad)
  • The noblest of King Arthur's legendary knights; renowned for immaculate purity and destined to find the Holy Grail.


(also Sir Galahad)
  • A person characterized by nobility, integrity, or courtesy.

    ‘the wise guys and Sir Galahads, they don't last’
    • ‘Sturdy, determined players who make the most of their skills will always have a prominent role to play, but in the end they are the squires to the Lancelots and Galahads of the game.’
    • ‘The Galahads in Hollywood spent $837,000 on five buildings to cover severely cracked concrete.’
    • ‘It didn't look to me as if she needed a bunch of Sir Galahads to come riding to her rescue.’
    • ‘The lads in the workshop are real Sir Galahads when it pours down, as Andy explains: ‘The awful weather in May saw the Mizuno workshop at full stretch - keeping everyone dry.’’
    • ‘It is one of his dullest performances, in a film that really needs someone to match up to memories of Humphrey Bogart and the noble Galahads of 1940s cinema.’
    • ‘But with 50 young Sir Galahads to hand, anything was possible.’
    • ‘Courtship in those days contributed substantially to the ferryman's livelihood; young Galahads wishing to see their lady loves across the river paid frequently for passage.’
    • ‘Through many a day-dream, slender lads and swarthy knights in armor, dauntless Sir Galahads and wicked St. Elmos had sued for her favor in turn, with long and fervent speeches.’
    • ‘This just proves to me that in the search for truth there is room for Don Juans like Erdös and Sir Galahads like Einstein.’
    • ‘They do their surgery in style, with humor; they're hip Galahads, saving lives while ragging the military bureaucracy.’
    Sir Galahad, knight on a white charger, protector, rescuer, saviour, preserver, champion, defender, guardian, guardian angel, deliverer, liberator