Meaning of gall midge in English:

gall midge


  • A small, delicate fly which induces gall formation in plants or may cause other damage to crops.

    Family Cecidomyiidae: numerous genera and species, including the saddle gall midge (Haplodiplosis marginata), which is a pest of cereals

    ‘Sampson is also looking at ways to control the blueberry gall midge, a fly that attacks the flower and leaf buds of blueberry plants.’
    • ‘Other pests include gypsy moth caterpillars, gall midge, and scale.’
    • ‘More recently, the gall midge has moved into the Houston area and become a cause of bud drop.’
    • ‘The family appears to be a member of the extant group Sciaroidea, which includes fungus gnats and gall midges, though precise relationships remain unclear.’
    • ‘Unlike gall midges, thrips have a wide host range, feeding on the flowers of many species of plants.’