Meaning of gallery forest in English:

gallery forest


  • A forest restricted to the banks of a river or stream.

    ‘They were off the plains again, following yet another of the small river valleys with its gallery forest that divided the prairies a little like spokes on a wheel… or perhaps more like branches radiating from a central trunk.’
    • ‘It lives in deciduous woodland, gallery forest, and forest borders up to 1,500 m.’
    • ‘We're left with an interesting situation where gallery forest might persist along the streams, with patches of sparse woodland and partly open savannah between the patches of forest.’
    • ‘The Gambia used to be covered in a mosaic of savannah woodland with patches of gallery forest, but much of this natural landscape has disappeared.’
    • ‘Local habitats include savanna-like pasture with scattered shrubs, rice fields, and gallery forest, and the area is artificially irrigated throughout the year.’
    • ‘This species is found throughout the Atlantic Forest, as well as in gallery forests of Cerrado vegetation from southern to northeastern Brazil.’
    • ‘Sebastiania commersoniana occurs in south and southeastern Brazil in riparian or gallery forests.’
    • ‘Our Pleistocene hominid forebears were exploiters of the savannas and their adjacent gallery forests.’
    • ‘There are also some limited extensions of gallery forests and palm tree savannas.’
    • ‘Additionally, 85% of the bat species found in the Cerrado depend upon gallery forests in some manner.’
    • ‘Several species of woodpeckers and owls also inhabit the gallery forests during the entire year.’
    • ‘Tall, dense reed beds grow along the riverside fringed by gallery forests of poplar and willow.’
    • ‘Along the banks of rivers where the gallery forests grow, marsh deer browse on tree leaves.’
    • ‘In the Brazilian side these grasslands are called the campos limpos; there are almost no gallery forests on this side.’
    • ‘If it in fact requires gallery forest for its survival, rather than just preferring this habitat, it could be in serious trouble; however, this remains to be determined.’
    • ‘The transects were distributed systematically along the gallery forest and located perpendicular to the current of the stream.’
    • ‘Whereby, not only vegetation composition, structure and dynamics of the gallery forests, but also their reaction toward the site condition were elaborated.’
    • ‘Its diversified landscape has a rugged relief and is made up of rivers, ponds, meadows and floodplains, gallery forests and savannah.’
    • ‘Your first full day in Noel Kempff will be spent exploring some of the oxbow lakes, gallery forests, and periodically inundated savannas located near Flor de Oro.’
    • ‘A gallery forest (bordering the river) is left intact, but a strip is cut immediately upslope and the desirable timber is removed by a road that is also designed to parallel the river.’