Meaning of galliwasp in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡalɪwɒsp/


  • A marsh lizard found in Central America and the Caribbean.

    Genus Diploglossus, family Anguidae: many species, in particular D. monotropis of the West Indies

    ‘Divorcing himself from feelings, he comes up with a weird comparison between human beings and galliwasps.’
    • ‘In 1956, Cousens reported that a Jamaican giant galliwasp had not been collected in over one hundred years.’
    • ‘Sloane described and illustrated one of these, the great galliwasp, which later became extinct.’
    • ‘The galliwasp is also killed by dogs, cats and mongooses, and by people who mistakenly consider it to be venomous.’
    • ‘Other regionally endemic species that may be found are the mountain chicken, which is actually a type of frog, and the rare galliwasp, which is half-snake, half-lizard.’


Late 17th century of unknown origin.