Meaning of galluses in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡaləsɪz/

plural noun

Scottish, North American
  • Braces for a person's trousers.

    ‘he wore cream-coloured slacks held up by red galluses’
    • ‘The Scots word for braces, straps supporting trousers from the shoulders, is sometimes spelt ‘galluses’ and is a corruption of the term ‘gallows’, the apparatus for capital punishment by hanging.’
    • ‘Their hats should be creased fore and aft like a fedora, and I don't like exposed galluses.’
    • ‘It helped to hide the suspenders, or galluses, which held up the trousers.’
    • ‘By that time, he had gotten to be very stout and usually wore galluses, but in addressing at hotel at the banquet, he and his wife seemed to be in a hurry and he left off his galluses.’
    • ‘Here, at one of the Winter Range shoots, this California cowboy has donned a ‘Montana pinch’ hat, bib front shirt, galluses, and an original pair of circa 1890s wooly shotgun chaps, along with his square-toed boots, California-pattern spurs, wild rag, and Colt Peacemaker and frontier-era gunleather.’


Mid 19th century plural of gallus, variant of gallows.