Meaning of Galois theory in English:

Galois theory


  • A method of applying group theory to the solution of algebraic equations.

    ‘His interests in research relate to finite geometries and the group theory related to them, to Cremona transformations related to the Galois theory of equations.’
    • ‘He began to study the Galois theory of equations and from there he was led to study composition series of groups.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, he does intend to convey to all of his readers some of the ideas of Abel's proof and Galois theory, and he has thus set himself a much more formidable expository task than he did.’
    • ‘Combining a concrete perspective with an exploration-based approach, this analysis develops Galois theory at an entirely undergraduate level.’
    • ‘This book is ideally suited for a two-term undergraduate algebra course culminating in a discussion on Galois theory.’