Meaning of galvanic skin response in English:

galvanic skin response


(also galvanic skin reflex)
  • A change in the electrical resistance of the skin caused by emotional stress, measurable with a sensitive galvanometer, e.g. in lie-detector tests.

    ‘The galvanic skin response section of the polygraph measures the resistance of the skin to a small electrical current.’
    • ‘One route for our ‘gut feelings’ might be through the noradrenergic system, as healthy people have a galvanic skin response when about to make a risky choice on the IGT.’
    • ‘And these basically measure people's heart rates, they measure people's galvanic skin responses.’
    • ‘And we've actually measured their galvanic skin response and shown that something like this does indeed happen.’
    • ‘Biological methods - such as those that measure heart rate, galvanic skin response, startle reflex, hormone levels, and neurological activity - have been helpful in validating the more widely used measurements of happiness.’
    • ‘In the 1960s I conducted an experiment for the detection of a simple telepathic message between a sender and a receiver, in which a conditioned galvanic skin response was measured.’
    • ‘Give them a test of galvanic skin response to measure their anxiety in a reading test when anyone else is present.’
    • ‘Additionally, terms like galvanic skin response or psychogalvanic response should no longer be used, as they do not describe the applied measurement principle in a sufficient way.’
    • ‘Likewise, sensory deprivation, relaxation, perceptual defence, galvanic skin response, and right hemisphericity were all effects that were first found to influence PWA scores and were later found to have an effect on psi tasks.’
    • ‘They are associated with physiological correlates of relaxation such as reduction of blood pressure, heart rate and galvanic skin response.’
    • ‘As the experimenter placed electrodes on participants' hands, forearms, and neck, he or she told participants that the polygraph could assess truthfulness by measuring vital signs such as heart rate and galvanic skin response.’
    • ‘Half of the words were found by those researchers to have negative emotional tone, and the other words had either neutral or positive tone, as determined by galvanic skin response measured during stimulus presentation.’
    • ‘So for example, a machine could measure a corporate vice president's galvanic skin response, temperature, and degree of pupil dilation precisely and noninvasively.’
    • ‘The user would manipulate himself through this world using voice recognition, EKG, EEG, and galvanic skin response (all of which are becoming increasingly inexpensive and available to the public).’
    • ‘In a polygraph, galvanic skin responses are measured, and we have to make a leap of logic to think that galvanic skin response is related to anxiety, and therefore truthfulness.’
    • ‘Lie-detectors, measuring galvanic skin reflexes, show the vertically propellant nature of skin movement.’
    • ‘Defenders of the polygraph think that galvanic skin responses are related to anxiety, and therefore to truthfulness.’
    • ‘Any question that causes anybody to have to think about the answer will induce a galvanic skin response.’
    • ‘During the screening, the researchers monitored the students’ heart rate and galvanic skin responses.’
    • ‘Children and their families learned about the use of galvanic skin responses in lie detection.’