Meaning of galvanizer in English:



(also British galvaniser)

See galvanize

‘As director of Highland Metals, one of only several galvanisers left in Scotland, he is convinced that local authorities are missing a trick in reducing their maintenance costs for steel infrastructure around the country.’
  • ‘If you can't bring yourselves to tell the truth to the people, then you have no business presenting yourselves as educators, writers, galvanizers.’
  • ‘With the knowledge that architectural appearance is required, the galvanizer can take extra care to achieve uniform appearance and normal coating weight.’
  • ‘It is rarely possible for the galvanizer to minimise or control the development of dull grey coatings which is dependent basically on steel composition.’
  • ‘This galvanizer resists temperatures of 550°C, without degrading itself; this characteristic allows to the user any employment on body subjected to very strong temperatures.’