Meaning of galvanoscope in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡalv(ə)nəˌskəʊp/


  • A galvanometer that works by measuring the deflection of a needle in the magnetic field induced by the electric current.

    ‘The British telegraph, invented by Cooke and Wheatstone utilized 6 wires which actuated five needle pointers attached to five galvanoscopes at the receiver end.’
    • ‘An excellent experimenter, Poggendorff devised a number of measuring devices, including the galvanoscope and Poggendorff mirror.’
    • ‘I soldered two wires to the edges of the enclosed sheet of iron, and connected them with a galvanoscope, but could not perceive any effect upon the needle.’
    • ‘A galvanoscope is an instrument or apparatus, such as a magnetic needle, for detecting the presence and direction of electric currents, specially those of feeble intensity.’
    • ‘The use of an electrometer or galvanoscope for sensing magnetic field or electric fields are well known.’