Meaning of gamba in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡambə/


short for viola da gamba
‘This essay has of course to disentangle the transition from viol to violoncello which was catalysed by the Italians, and he manages to throw light on the grey areas surrounding bass violins, gambas and cellos.’
  • ‘The performers here, being very good baroque musicians indeed, have deployed a variety of continuo combinations: harpsichord or lute with violone, gamba, double bass or bassoon.’
  • ‘The dark, resonating notes of the cello and the higher, slightly nasal voice of the gamba sang the lachrymose State of the Gambo.’
  • ‘The gamba is almost always too far forward, with the harpsichordist's right hand coming in a close second and the left hand practically out of it.’
  • ‘The voices of the cello and gamba twined around each other in a simple musical form.’
  • ‘There are a fair number of silent moments in the music and the gamba solos contrast with give relief from the vocal passages, which can be intense.’
  • ‘For instance, two of his sonatas, one for violin, gamba and continuo and the other for two violins, gamba and continuo contain similarly decorated cadential material.’
  • ‘Gamba is Italian for leg and so a viola large enough to require support from the legs came to be known as a viola da gamba, or often today just gamba.’
  • ‘A winner of the German Echo Instrumentalist of the Year award, she plays on a variety of gambas to suit different areas of her repertoire, which covers 17th and 18th century music from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England.’
  • ‘Perl, has been praised in a leading music magazine as ‘quite possibly the person doing the most to pave the way for the gamba's future.’’
  • ‘A particular highlight is the opening performance on Friday 26 October, from ‘Treato’, a Latvian trio performing on flute, gamba and harpsichord.’
  • ‘After much encouragement from the crowd, he was coaxed to play another Sarabande, which as I recollect it, was from the second Suite, BWV 1008, in D minor, whose somber first measures I took for a gamba piece by Marais.’