Meaning of gambling den in English:

gambling den

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  • A place where people meet to engage in illegal or illicit gambling.

    • ‘the neighbourhood is known for gambling dens and brothels’
    • ‘The Governor must make sure not a single taxpayer dollar is going to keep New York City's gambling dens alive.’
    • ‘The space had previously been an illegal gambling den.’
    • ‘Police raided the premises on tip-off that it had become a gambling den, the officials said.’
    • ‘The gang handled the usual mafia-like enterprises, such as gambling dens, brothels and protection rackets.’
    • ‘Police have detained a high-ranking underworld figure believed to control a stable of vice and illegal gambling dens.’
    • ‘At one cafe in London, officers burst into an illegal gambling den where nine people were in the middle of a game of cards.’
    • ‘The commission has been looking into a myriad of claims centring on the fixing of races, bribery and gambling dens.’
    • ‘We don't want entertainment spots being used as a cover for gambling dens.’
    • ‘She ran a gambling den in a cellar under a hairdressers in rue de la Ravette.’
    • ‘Dozens of students rallied on Saturday to demand the closure of an alleged gambling den.’