Meaning of gambling joint in English:

gambling joint


  • A place where gambling games are played.

    • ‘he used to operate a gambling joint’
    • ‘The family is said to have fought for control of markets ranging from illegal gambling joints to sidewalk flower stalls.’
    • ‘He is talking about seizing all existing casino licenses and having the government run the gambling joints.’
    • ‘Max von Sydow plays Sam, the dapper, expatriate owner of a neon-lit gambling joint in the middle of a desert.’
    • ‘She and her associates made a great deal of money running clubs, bars and gambling joints.’
    • ‘He became an habitué of nightclubs and gambling joints, and was photographed with the Kray twins.’
    • ‘She took them to see the clubs and gambling joints where she plays cards and works as a croupier.’
    • ‘In 1913 the City authorities estimated that in a district of 1 square mile stood 200 brothels, 200 pool halls (gambling joints) and 336 gang hangouts.’
    • ‘Earning his living in a gambling joint, he hopes to be a drummer in a big-time band.’
    • ‘The film is told from the point of view of a woman adrift in the gambling joints and fake glamour of Atlantic City.’
    • ‘It seems he owns the two biggest saloons and gambling joints in town.’