Meaning of game, set, and match in English:

game, set, and match


  • Used to indicate a decisive victory.

    ‘the trade unions have won—game, set, and match to the workers’
    • ‘A super strike it was too and effectively game, set, and match.’
    • ‘Whelan and Kennedy tacked on further minors, and it was to all intents and purposes game, set, and match.’
    • ‘Game, set, and match to Judge Pryor.’
    • ‘Game, set, and match for a very impressive Lismore.’
    • ‘Game, set, and match to Sir Cecil.’
    • ‘For thinking people this surely is game, set, and match for genetic engineering.’
    • ‘Briggs scored their third goal on the three quarter hour, 3-11 to 1-6, game, set, and match to all intents and purposes.’
    • ‘With this one, I think it is game, set, and match.’
    • ‘Ruthless in their search for more scores, their fourth goal by Mattie Kiely in the 49th minute made it the case of game, set, and match for his side.’
    • ‘His brother Eoin pointed a free to leave it 3-11 to 1-3 at the interval, effectively game, set, and match at that stage for the team.’
    success, triumph, conquest, win, successful outcome, positive result, favourable result, landslide, achievement, coup, game, set, and match