Meaning of game bag in English:

game bag


  • A bag for holding the wild mammals or birds killed during a hunting or shooting expedition.

    ‘they come back as happy as hunters with bulging game bags’
    • ‘Nearby lay a game bag, through the meshes of which was seen the plumage of shot birds.’
    • ‘It's a very well-made coat - it has a game bag that folds out of the back.’
    • ‘My father and his friends would assemble in our yard with dogs, cartridges and game bags, and head off across the fields to the first location.’
    • ‘Hunters need camo makeup and clothing, backpacks, GPSs or compasses, radios, knives, game bags and camping gear.’
    • ‘Hunting accessories encompass everything from cleaning supplies and game bags to knives, tools and all the knick-knacks hunters collect.’
    • ‘He wears plus-fours, lace-up boots, a game bag slung over his shoulder, and a battered hat that might once have been described as a deerstalker.’
    • ‘The fox's patience had scored dinner, while our game bag was empty.’
    • ‘Most significant in regard to the hunting vest is the addition of a water bladder that tucks cleanly into a dedicated pocket in the spacious rear game bag.’
    • ‘He's put his share of grouse and woodcock - another highly prized forest bird - in his game bag.’
    • ‘The game bag comes in three hues (Olive Green, Navy Blue, and Mustard Yellow) and will cost $403 when it starts shipping in April.’