Meaning of game bird in English:

game bird

Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪm ˌbəːd/

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  • 1A bird shot for sport or food.

    ‘Some hunters are asked to maintain a harvest log over the hunting season, listing days they hunted migratory game birds and the number of birds they take.’
    • ‘Key areas of concern are poaching and the poisoning birds of prey to protect game birds for sports.’
    • ‘Expect legislation that would scrap the current trio of game-bird stamps and replace them with two stamps - upland game bird and migratory game bird.’
    • ‘Some were recreational: new and ‘better’ sport fish and game birds.’
    • ‘A subdued lust for killing was hardly a feature of the other country sport, shooting game birds, favoured by the landed elite.’
    • ‘The commission adopted a regulation requiring a person hunting game birds or animals must ‘be physically present and personally operate the means of take.’’
    • ‘Western ragweed provides forage for deer and the fruits are an important food source for upland game birds, wild turkeys and songbirds.’
    • ‘One of the most sweeping changes made by the Legislature involves restructuring of the special-use stamps required of hunters pursuing game birds.’
    • ‘While the agreement granted U.S. and Canadian officials the authority to regulate the hunting of migratory game birds and declared a permanent closed season on most nongame birds, it excluded birds of prey from its purview.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of the game birds will be shot over the next few weeks as the Scottish grouse shooting season gets under way on the traditional Glorious Twelfth of August.’
    • ‘As a precautionary measure, her Department asked regional game councils, the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Birdwatch Ireland to report any increased mortalities in game birds or migrating birds.’
    • ‘In the UK, game birds can be shot during specified open seasons and bird pests can be controlled for the specific purposes mentioned above where there is no other satisfactory solution.’
    • ‘‘The shooting of game birds, over pointers and setters, has been, time out of mind, the gentleman's amusement,’ he writes.’
    • ‘Clearly the formula works: the kitchen brigade of 30 serves 500 meals a day and, each year, gets through 18,000 game birds, more than any other restaurant in Britain.’
    • ‘Unless one is pursuing a tough-skinned critter like squirrel, most of us favor 7.5 and 8 shot for pattern density, particularly on small game birds.’
    • ‘It is effective in the hands of a qualified trapper, but it is not selective, also trapping a large percentage of non-target animals such as small antelope, game birds and innocent small predators.’
    • ‘If you hunt upland game birds within the range of sage grouse, be sure your target is not a sage grouse.’
    • ‘Using non-toxic shot will help conserve the health of Ontario's game bird populations and their habitats.’
    • ‘Politically, especially as there are risks to humans from Avian Influenza, the game bird industry will come under closer scrutiny.’
    • ‘All game birds are despatched in cool boxes, plucked and dressed and vacuum packed.’
  • 2A bird of a large group that includes pheasants, grouse, quails, guinea fowl, etc.

    Order Galliformes: several families

    ‘Besides non-migratory game birds like pheasants, there are only three species in the lower 48 states that are not protected by the MBTA.’
    • ‘The guinea fowl is a game bird from West Africa introduced to Britain in the early 16th century, and has more in common with turkey, pheasant or quail than with polystyrene.’
    • ‘The principal game birds of Britain are grouse, partridge, pheasant, plus woodcock, pigeon, quail, and various wild duck and marsh fowl.’
    • ‘The fruits are red, blue, or black and are quickly consumed in late summer and early fall by finches, game birds, mockingbirds, thrushes, waxwings, and woodpeckers.’
    • ‘What sets megapodes apart from these game birds is their extraordinary breeding behavior.’
    • ‘It is perhaps the most beautifully coated game bird barring the pheasant in our country and its plumage serves as a very effective camouflage when it nestles among the dead leaves of Autumn or winter.’
    • ‘The ruffed grouse is a nonmigratory, forest game bird.’
    • ‘Although computer models and lab studies have demonstrated that disease can regulate wild animal populations, it was not until 1998 that some field experiments with game birds confirmed these findings.’
    • ‘By comparing habitat improvement work undertaken on hunting and shooting land with adjacent areas not managed for foxes or game birds, they were able to determine which farms were likely to attract the most wildlife.’
    • ‘Gamekeepers on some sporting estates still kill Peregrines, along with other raptors, and destroy their nests, because they cannot tolerate the predation on game birds.’
    • ‘The extinction of New Zealand quail is thought to have been caused by the appearance of diseases from introduced game birds.’
    • ‘This section ends with an excellent case study focused on management of game birds.’
    • ‘There is a robust trade of these game birds through swap meets and shows in the Los Angeles basin.’
    • ‘Including bacitracin in diets of all game birds is recommended to maintain healthy, productive birds.’
    • ‘This includes buying birds from gaming farms to release into the wild so as to keep the stock up to combat the threat to their habitat of more and more vermin and less food around, both of which are depleting the population of game birds.’
    • ‘Taxidermists would not be able to sell mounted migratory game birds, as any sale of those birds is prohibited by federal law.’
    • ‘Rose hips are a winter food source for game birds and songbirds, to whom they are available when preferred foods are covered with snow.’
    • ‘Doves are the flightiest and most fickle of game birds, particularly this time of year.’
    • ‘Although game birds and birds of prey have been reintroduced before, no native mammal has ever been deliberately brought back to Britain.’
    • ‘Rimrock's seeds also make an excellent food for game birds like mourning dove and valley quail or for songbirds such as green-tailed towhee.’