Meaning of game changer in English:

game changer


  • An event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

    ‘a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire US aerospace industry’
    • ‘Senator John McCain came in to last night's debate needing a game changer.’
    • ‘There's no question, the first debate can always be a game changer.’
    • ‘This will become a game changer in the industry.’
    • ‘Also, mobile phone carriers see the iPhone as a possible game changer.’
    • ‘Honeywell CEO Michael Bonsignore sees e-business as a "game changer."’
    • ‘It is too early to say whether a fleshed-out proposal and what Congress eventually passes will amount to a game changer.’
    • ‘So the game changer here will be the housing market and whether it can stabilize.’
    • ‘This hostage crisis is a game changer.’
    • ‘GM, once the world's premier auto maker, is now cash-flow-negative. That's a game changer.’
    • ‘While the iPhone has been a game changer for the mobile communication industry there are things that most people will agree should have been present from the start.’
    • ‘He is the former doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he is calling the study a game changer.’
    • ‘Despite any differences in these technologies, one thing is clear: Faster wireless broadband speeds are expected to be a game changer.’
    • ‘This was a consolidating performance by the Liberal Democrat leader, not a second election game changer.’
    • ‘During his appearance on "The View" earlier today, he said the upcoming presidential debates could be a game-changer.’
    • ‘The vehicle was a game-changer, he said, effectively creating a new market.’
    • ‘"This level of involvement from the president could well be a game-changer," Mr. Schumer said.’
    • ‘But this new piece of malware, which came to be known as Nugache, was a game-changer.’
    • ‘A referendum could be a game-changer, a way of breaking through to turned-off and tuned-out voters.’
    • ‘Debates are not game changers unless one guy makes a huge mistake and neither of them did.’
    • ‘Both are now shepherding clean-tech start-ups that have the potential to be disruptive game changers.’