Meaning of game face in English:

game face


North American
  • A neutral or serious facial expression, as displayed by a sports player or gambler.

    ‘In the midst of all the broadcasts, I started anticipating commercials like the ones featuring NCAA players with game faces who advertise March Madness with declarations like ‘Win or go home.’’
    • ‘He is one of few coaches who shows a bit of his game face when examining quarterbacks and offensive play calls.’
    • ‘They were getting their game faces on, wearing their lucky hats and lucky jerseys.’
    • ‘He makes silly mistakes such as roughness penalties and sings and dances in pregame warmups instead of getting his game face on.’
    • ‘Behind the friendly smiles during autograph/practice sessions aimless banter with fans during pro-am events, and the all-important game faces during competition, there has always been a sense of urgency for the pros.’
    • ‘Everyone got their game faces on and we started playing.’
    • ‘I think all of these upper level horses have a routine and it normally requires a run or two before they start to stack the cards and get their game faces on.’
    • ‘I tell kids, or adults who have their game faces on for contests, that they should just have a good time with it.’
    • ‘They all have their game faces on.’
    • ‘Level at 7,000 feet, we really had to put the game faces on and work as a team.’
    • ‘I told him he didn't need to have his game face on quite yet.’
    • ‘‘On the way to the course, I get my game face on,’ she says.’
    • ‘‘He loves this course and he had his game face on today,’ said the winning jockey who rode three winners on the card.’
    • ‘She had her game face on, and she was ready to fight.’
    • ‘I mean, it seems like a good idea, but all you can do is bring your game face.’
    • ‘The brief wasn't my finest hour, but, when I showed up for the flight, my game face was on.’
    • ‘He has the command, grit and game face of a 10-year veteran.’
    • ‘For me in this situation, it might be a little extra mental because, obviously, coming into this, not having driven for a while, you got to get your game face on.’
    • ‘His heart was racing but on the outside he had his game face on.’
    • ‘But as far as when you punch in to go to work you've just got to put that game face on.’