Meaning of game laws in English:

game laws

plural noun

  • Laws regulating the hunting of wild mammals and birds.

    ‘game laws in most states prohibit hunting at night’
    • ‘Some people violate game laws out of ignorance or apathy.’
    • ‘In 1796 he made an ineffectual bid to reform and virtually abolish the game laws.’
    • ‘The government lacked the money and the personnel to enforce game laws effectively.’
    • ‘He opposed John Bright (successfully) over reform of the game laws and (unsuccessfully) over the abolition of West Indian slavery.’
    • ‘They don't have manpower enough to enforce game laws, let alone see if somebody is off trails in that area.’
    • ‘As resident hunters, we were licensed to hunt on our own, as long as we adhered to the game laws and followed the ethics of sport and fair chase.’
    • ‘He was charged with four counts of breaking state big game laws.’
    • ‘Some 30 to 40 percent of all male criminal convictions were for infraction of the game laws.’
    • ‘Not only did fanners tight against plutocracy by voting: they fought plutocracy by opposing game laws and by ejecting wealthy huniers from their lands.’
    • ‘To assess the effectiveness of the new game laws, the government took steps to gather scientific information about the northern bison.’