Meaning of game on in English:

game on


  • 1A signal for play to begin in a game or match.

    • ‘We were a bit disappointed, but we put in the waiting time anyway and hung onto the barriers with the thousands of others until we heard the heart-stopping sounds of the canons which signaled 'Game On'!’
    1. 1.1British informal Said when one feels that a situation is about to develop in one's favour.
      • ‘She soon invited me back to her place. Game on!’
      • ‘If the noise then was loud, it was even louder just before half time when he leathered the ball past the Croat keeper and it was truly game on.’
      • ‘At which point, it was very much game on with both back rows utterly committed to winning the struggle at the breakdown.’
      • ‘He pulled another one back on the hour when the big centre half thumped home a free kick and suddenly it was game on.’
      • ‘It appeared to be game on, but for Thunder it was merely a storm in a teacup as thereafter York gleaned total control.’
      • ‘It was game on two minutes later when he cut the deficit to one.’
      • ‘They will think that if they can get it down to six points, it is game on.’
      • ‘As the confidence began to surge for them all of a sudden it was game on.’
      • ‘A United win on Sunday and it's game on again in the Premiership race.’
      • ‘For the first time in the match it was game on, the hurling was frantic and well contested with scores hard to come by.’