Meaning of game over in English:

game over


  • Said when a situation is regarded as hopeless or irreversible.

    • ‘once your customer loyalty vanishes it's game over’
    • ‘If they are able to properly cross-exam, as he clearly is, it's not game over.’
    • ‘It was game over for him, and he walked away with an annoyed look.’
    • ‘If he wins his first Daytona 500, it will be game over for his competitors.’
    • ‘In normal racing circumstances it would be game over.’
    • ‘If New Zealand cross the gain-line, it is normally game over.’
    • ‘Like a great closer in baseball, he hits a back double-biceps pose, and it's game over.’
    • ‘‘If I had scored that chance a minute after my goal, it would have been game over,’ he said.’
    • ‘Once the mohawk starts receding and the bullet belt has to be let out a couple more notches, things rapidly approach game over.’
    • ‘I was also still growing at that time and if my weight had gone crazy then it would have been game over, but my weight stayed low and I just decided to kick on again.’
    • ‘It was effectively game over, as unfortunately from his point of view it was all too evident they were running on empty.’


    Probably from the use of the phrase at the conclusion of a computer game.