Meaning of game park in English:

game park

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  • (especially in Africa) a large area of land set aside as a protected area for wild animals.

    ‘I spent the last few days on safari in a South African game park’
    • ‘Efforts are underway for the establishment of a trans-boundary national game park encompassing the three countries.’
    • ‘Today, there are many private game parks to serve Western tourists interested in hunting.’
    • ‘For instance in a game park birding can be done in addition to game watching.’
    • ‘Some game park officials support limited hunting of old male or bull Black Rhinos.’
    • ‘Chobe National Park, one of the finest game parks, in Africa is located to the north east of the country.’
    • ‘Her father teaches about wild animals and plants in game parks.’
    • ‘Tourism is the principal source of foreign money and provides jobs for men and women in the hotel and game park industries.’
    • ‘So when I saw the job ad for a qualified vet to work on a game park in Africa I answered it.’
    • ‘There'll be a ball, a vintage car exhibition, and visits to the winelands and a game park.’
    • ‘In 2001, the game park covered some 1, 500 hectares, 700 hectares of which were owned by the municipality.’