Meaning of game reserve in English:

game reserve

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  • (especially in Africa) a large area of land set aside as a protected area for wild animals.

    ‘Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in the world’
    • ‘The United Nations declared the Selous Game Reserve a World Heritage Site in 1982.’
    • ‘We stayed at Tala, a private game reserve about 45 minutes from the city.’
    • ‘We'll visit the premier game reserves of Tanzania to see the richest variety of wildlife imaginable.’
    • ‘He said the premises would also accommodate a theme park and a game reserve, to include horse trails.’
    • ‘Kenya has over 50 national parks and game reserves where wildlife is protected.’
    • ‘Lions, leopards, elephants and giraffes roam the game reserves and to see them in the flesh is a marvellous experience.’
    • ‘In most parks and game reserves of East Africa, however, the lion is impressively visible.’
    • ‘But if you want to rough it out, you will find campsites in almost all the game reserves and national parks.’
    • ‘The central Serengeti was identified as a game reserve in 1929.’
    • ‘In South Africa, the best places to see wildlife is at private game reserves and national parks.’