Meaning of gamekeeping in English:



See gamekeeper

‘The Young Shots Day, organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, also provided 90 participants with an introduction to the skills of forestry and gamekeeping, gundog training and handling.’
  • ‘Re-introduction of certain species may have already taken place, but beyond the rather enclosed worlds of ornithology, gamekeeping and fishing the return of the sea eagle, red kite and vendace has done little to quicken the public pulse.’
  • ‘Game-bird management was introduced to a farm in Leicestershire in central England using a mixture of traditional gamekeeping and conservation methods.’
  • ‘Even for those who do not understand rural life and still cannot stomach the realities of gamekeeping, it is hard to contest that a problem exists with raptor numbers.’
  • ‘The noble profession of gamekeeping suffered a terrible blow this week when one of its seasoned practitioners was found guilty of killing birds of prey.’