Meaning of gamely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪmli/

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  • In a brave, spirited way.

    ‘he battled gamely but was outclassed by his more experienced opponent’
    • ‘I scribbled madly, gamely trying to keep up’
    • ‘In his directorial debut, he tries gamely to spice up the plotless proceedings by color-coding the different key stories.’
    • ‘He gamely touches upon everything from political propaganda to false advertising.’
    • ‘I sped up into a slow run, and he gamely matched my pace for about 200 yards.’
    • ‘While some poets and commercial enterprises gamely attempted to sustain pastoralism, many predicted that the discourse of nostalgia would be met with cynicism.’
    • ‘Librarians from around the city gamely clamber up on the loading dock and spin tales.’
    • ‘As the scene ends, he gathers his troupe together and salutes them for gamely taking part.’
    • ‘It's a subject that he's no doubt a little tired of, but he gamely follows the line of questioning.’
    • ‘He is wandering around with the phone in the crook of his neck and shoulder, gamely trying to placate an obstinate interviewer.’
    • ‘When a 60-year-old tribal elder gamely tried to organize a village defense force, he had to do it with a handful of men and just three rifles.’
    • ‘She kindly consented to accompany me and gamely held my hand throughout the extraction.’